About us

 “Pai – for the love of food” was born out of exactly that, a love of food in a close-knit family known to binge-watch the food-channel religiously. When Lynette’s husband and Annika and Reghard’s “pa” Leon got the opportunity to make pies for a step-down clinic, the whole family was roped in. This led to many mornings at the Pretoria Boeremark too, where regular clients would visit weekly to savour Leon’s taste combo creations. “Let me give you a tour of this week’s flavours,” he would declare. And no-one ever declined the offer.

Tragically, Leon passed away a few years later, but not before instilling in Annika a love of food and flavours, which led her to chef school. With Leon’s memory ever at its centre, and with Annika having graduated with recipe ideas spilling out of her, Pai was started in 2016. Just like our philosophy around flavour-filled food, the name “Pai” is seasoned with several senses: a play on words alluding to the food item that got us started; “father” in Portuguese and, most importantly, “Pa and I.”

From our cosy café beginnings after moving to our venue in June 2017, “Pai – for the love of food” grew to include small events like bridal (and baby) showers, high teas, macaron and cake tasting, as well as brunches for small groups. We’ve even hosted a couple of intimate, bespoke weddings. And let’s not forget our pre-pandemic “long-table” dinners – “gesellige” evenings exploring a world of flavours with old friends and new acquaintances. these dys though, after the events of, you guessed it 2020, we've since closed our cafe' and venue for a new adventure.

We are now an exclusive online bakery and patisserie.

Forced by the pandemic to pivot, Pai launched an online portal in 2020, with many of our most-loved bakes, sweets and cakes freshly-made for families to enjoy at home. These days you will probably find Annika creating dainty tartelettes and Lynette fulfilling another online order, all from our studio kitchen in Faerie Glen, Pretoria East.

We are excited and grateful to be able to dream our sweet dreams into reality everyday. Place an order, and we can dream yours into existence as well.